If you’re the type of person who prefers getting around by bike instead of using a car, here’s something that might be of interest to you. The guys from People People (a design agency from Sweden) have recently brought back to life an old design seen on the Swedish postal bikes through their simple, but great looking Spiran (Scepter) bike.

This slim looking fellow comes as an alternative for the older Kronan (Crown) bike, which is inspired by the classic military bikes from Sweden and loved by many Swedes. Even so, there’s always room for better and if you don’t settle with the bulky Kronan bike, the Spiran will fit your needs like a glove. Despite its slim looking appearance, the Spiran bike is tough and durable, and comes like an answer to your prayers if you wish to acquire something long-lasting, but also simple and cute looking.

[adsense300gray]Among its features, the Spiran has only one speed, which is more efficient if you frequently use your bike. The traditional chain has been replaced with a carbon fibre which doesn’t require any maintenance at all and will help you say goodbye to your greasy trousers. Also, the bike features a smart integrated lock.

spiran bike

spiran bike 1

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