What do butchers and bicycles have in common, you may ask? You asked, I will tell you the truth folks : absolutely nothing. Well, maybe except this weird bicycle which is in fact a sort of tricycle with a garbage can in front of it. Got that? A three wheeled bicycle, made in Denmark/Copenhagen by a couple dudes who live in the meat district (hence the butchers) and  supposed to improve our sad and pathetic lives. Because, you know, even if your life sucks, if you can cruise around the city with a garbage can on your tricycle, somehow your life will become meaningful.

[adsense300gray]I am a hater, I admit it. Maybe this idea of a cargo-bicycle is good after all and it can save gas, oil, nerves and it will reduce pollution in the big bad city, ‘cause with the Mk1 you can carry around a pretty big load. Hell, I think three Chinese guys can get inside that garbage can, if you stack them properly. And, truth be told, there’s a bit of engineering in that bicycle, I must admit it. Take a look at the pics and judge for yourself.


Mk1 3

Mk1 4

Mk1 5


Mk1 2