I’ve always hated those guys cruising on these three-wheeled rides, looking so relaxed, waving, drinking something, talking on the cell phone and playing a violin, all at the same time because.. well there’s no handle. And me with my back-pain and arms holding tight to my bike’s handle so I won’t broke my nose, again. I’m definitely getting this, so I can finally play Angry Birds while cycling to work.

Getting to the serious part, not that I wasn’t serious so far, this vehicle features a dual-joystick steering mechanism that is exhilarating to use and provides a smooth manoeuvrability. Unlike chain-driven bicycles, the Only Reverse Gear Cruiser propulsion system requires minimal maintenance because it uses a front free-wheel mechanism connected directly to the pedals. The sturdy front steel frame can be extended or contracted easily, making it suitable for riders from 4’ to 6’3” (120-192 cm) and it holds up to 250 lbs (115 Kg). This cruiser maintains a low center of gravity, thus making it especially stable and safe for the whole family.