Audi e-bike Worthersee

If you were specifically looking for a hybrid electric performance cycle that offers motor-driven or quadricep-driven power – well, search no further. This is it. Those from Audi have outdone themselves once more, creating the amazing E-bike Wörthersee. Moving from big cars to sustainable bicycles, this specific bike is entirely carbon-fiber, from its frame and swingarm to its 26-inch wheels. Yup, those are also carbon-fiber. Who would’ve known?

The really cool part is the on-bike computer with touchscreen interface which can effortlessly connect to your smartphone and place you in a world of real life video game challenges. That’s right – the bike has a system through which you’re awarded success points for specific tricks performed – which you upload in real time on the internet through the in-helmet camera. Talk about taking GTA to a new dimension. Just don’t run around killing people – you won’t get any points for that, trust us.

As for the howness and whenness of the release – nothing is known as of yet. The price will probably be uber-high, so start saving up. Sell your valuables, eat less, cut coupons – whatever it takes to be ready for the Wörthersee. Once on the streets, it will surely be something worth to see. Hah, get it?