The new standard in excellence

The new Honda RC213V-S, a street-legal MotoGP copy of the RC213V model used on tracks by the one and only Marc Marquez, the super champion, my definite favorite out there, was announced for 2016 at the Italy’s EICMA show last November. It is, evidently, or will be, so to speak, a limited edition bike, and Honda says this is the „closest to a MotoGP bike than any road-going model ever offered to the public.”

You might say it is a bold statement, but to me, it’s just what you should expect from this Japanese motors manufacturing giant. You should now by now that they are the world’s largest motorcycles manufacturer since 1959. This can only say one thing, folks, their business means professional.


 Be spoiled by the abundance

Powered by a 90-degree 999cc V-4 engine, with titanium connecting rods, the RC213V-S was designed to be ultra space efficient, to give you maximum freedom to explore its heights, to settle down on your own rules, so don’t fear its might. The fuel tank is found under-seat all doubled by the, the carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic fairing, cool additions, because they can give you that certain feeling of riding a super-class bike.

The fork ? An Öhlins. You also get throttle-by-wire, engine-break control with traction control (plus some awesome position-detection technology) and selectable power modes. You shouldn’t overlook this model, it’s a way of simply saying you want the best you can have. Speaking of looks and design, it’s not only respect imposing or aerodynamic, but looks very stable and maneuverable. Lay your hands on it as fast as possible, you can store your own only on the bike’s official website.