Both Smooth And Thunderous

In 2008, when Harley attached the Fat Bob to the Dyna line of models, everyone was astonished how amazingly awesome it was looking. Years passed and we can feel the wind of change blowing in our ears. Real riders resort to personalized toys, in terms not of creativity but of an unmatched sense of liberty. To be what you are, wherever, whenever. What that actually is remains a mystery for many, so let me clear things up a little for you, lads. What we have here is a rare piece of pure craftsmanship, a perfect equilibrium of hardcore and elegant.

Winston Yeh is a Taiwan based talented artist, specialized in making murdered out bikes look like creations sent from above, for men to enjoy their stay on Earth. I called him artist, indeed, as he is one of the best the industry has to offer right now. Guys, after he’s finished with a Harley Davidson model, what is left represents more than a custom made bike. It’s a legacy, a representation of pure awesomeness. All his work is labeled at his Rough Crafts „studio”.

Ride In Black – Be Free, Be Wild

When I look at it, I see more than a motorcycle to display for the citizens to drool. I see a companion, a friend indeed. It’s that bike you want to ride for 16 hours a day. Initially intended as a personal project, an expression of the creator’s might, the bike was sold very early, which means before completion of it.

It’s powered by a torquey 1584cc v-twin engine, impressive one, I must admit. Handlebars are by Fighter, while Rough Crafts is equipped of foot controls, cap, rocker arm cover, fuel tank, exhaust and seat. You also see a Voodoo fender strut kit from Rocket Bobs and the wheels are a set of 16-inch Arlen Ness all coated in blackwalls. They are all waiting for you to control, dominate and give them a meaning.