Vanhawks have designed a wonderful must-have for all of you biking aficionados. The Valour is the name of a smart bike that has been conceived with the purpose of maximizing your safety and experience, as it holds a clever technology that enables you to connect and sync your bike to your smartphone, having a dedicated application that works on devices that run on Android, iOS and also with Pebble ones.

[adsense300gray]Valour connects with your smartphone via low energy Bluetooth and provides turn by turn navigation by signaling your next turns with LED indicators. In this way, you’ll be able to keep your eyes and focus on the road while also noticing the signals. The carbon-made bike also holds a bunch of sensors that detect and measure your speed, burned calories, distance and more. The Valour’s handlebar grips offer haptic feedback and signal you when something’s in your blind spot, thus providing you with safety while riding. The bike charges itself through its front wheel dynamo bulb, which requires an hour of bike riding for fully charging.

Vanhawks Valour

Vanhawks Valour 2

Vanhawks Valour 3

Vanhawks Valour 4

Vanhawks Valour


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