Imagine you could bike your way to work, do some physical exercise, but in the same time arrive at your destination without having your clothes sunk in nasty smelling body sweat. Also, imagine that you can store your bike in a place the size of a medium kitchen cupboard. Gi FlyBike is an electric bicycle that aims to solve all the issues mentioned above, while integrating high-tech features such as social media and remote control. 

Gi Flybike is built from high quality aluminum, creating a very light construction. It becomes even more of a practical commute option once you realize it can be folded in just one second and one move, thanks to its FlyFolding system.


Solid anti-puncture tires ensure you won’t get stranded in the middle of the road on your way to work, having to give long explanations to your boss when you finally arrive late. The Gi Flybike uses a belt transmission system, making it maintenance-free. Since no oil or grease is required for the mechanism to work, there is no danger of arriving at work with dirty pants. You can control the amount of effort you’re putting in when riding by adjusting the electric assistance level of the FlyBike.

When it comes to technology integration, Gi FlyBike comes with GPS system, automatic iOS and Android sync, USB phone charger, LED smart lights for the front and the back and a smart locking system which automatically locks down the bike once you’ve gotten more than 10 feet away from it.