Means of transportation and Germans – it’s a winning combination. And when two German companies work together to create something you know it’s going to be Something. Those to Are PG and Munich Composites, and together they put a new and unique bike concept onto the market. Not just any bicycle, but some of the lightest ever made – Lighter than 5 Kg! And no, it won’t bend at the first curb you hit, as Blackbraid is made of carbon fiber. The secret’s in the production of braided carbon frames, the newest technology that makes the high-performance material lighter than aluminium.

The Blackbraid is available in two versions, Fixie – perfect in town, and Touring – for your long distances rides, with 1 or 14 speeds shifting system.

blackbraid 11 pounds bike 4

blackbraid 11 pounds bike 3

blackbraid 11 pounds bike 2

blackbraid 11 pounds bike 1