Theft-proof Bike Means Awesome

A new Kickstarter project was on our desks this morning, called Invincible, the theft-proof bike. The idea is a great one, guys. It’s allowing you to take greater care of your bike without spending that much on security systems that look only like a bigger challenge for those who intend on doing the wrong thing.

The whole concept is called FortifiedProtect. When you buy Invincible, you become a member of their registered owner records, meaning only you can own that bike. If your bike or parts of it get stolen away from you, the moment they become visible, you are notified about it and so are the authorities. This only applies for online reselling though. The best thing about it is that if your bike gets stolen, you are awarded a replacement after an incredibly short one day notice so it’s all 100% guaranteed against theft.

You’ll also need a Fortified U-Lock, a locking system that should prove to be a test even for the worst evildoers.

Take It For A Spin

There are two variants for this beauty: the Invincible 1Speed for towns like my own, without too much climbing needed and Invincible 8Speed for towns with hills and round shapes. The manufacturer says the bike is made out of a special aluminum frame and zinc coated chain that will stop rust from invading your model after a very short period of time. Which is a very different scenario from what most of the bikes available on the internet can offer.

The saddle is waterproof and the tires are resistant to punctures. There is also a plentiful of add-ons for you to attach to your Invicible bike, like front and rear lights or a rear bike rack. Take a look at the pictures and make up your mind, but be quick. The retail price will be different from what you can get on Kickstarter now.