[adsense300gray]If you enjoy riding your bike on a daily basis or from time to time, or if you actually depend on it for getting around, check out this intriguing new bike from Pure Fix Cycles. It’s called The Zulu and was designed and perfected after months and months of hard work and testing and belongs to the GLOW line. So, guess what. It glows in the dark.

Yeap, you’ve heard me right, some guys actually thought of that and made a special bike, which is covered in an even more special paint, which is solar activated and needs to be left in broad daylight for, let’s say, one hour; when the night comes, for an equal amount of time, the Zulu will look like some sort of an alien bicycle.

Besides having a cool appearance, the Zulu is also very practical for night riders, as this bike can be seen from a more than reasonable distance so you won’t be having problems with drivers failing to notice you.

If you don’t wish to have an entire bike glowing, you can choose from the other two models that belong to the GLOW line: the Kilo, which has only the fork and frame glowing and The Hotel for its glowing wheels.

the zulu 1
the zulu