In a world suffocated by polluted air and full of people terrorized by traffic jams, what kind of vehicle would be perfect? Clearly a light electric motorbike – one that makes life easier and also looks elegant. An example in this meaning is the wonderful Mejis Motorman.


This light motorcycle simply takes things to a whole new level. It has a LiPo battery,  a capacity of  32,5 Ah/48 V and it charges in 6 hours. The engine is a brushless direct-drive hubmotor with a power of  2000 W /60 Nm. The Mejis Motorman is also equipped with 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes. It comes in two versions: 25 km/h and 45 km/h (because we have different lifestyles).

But let’s talk a bit about its appearance! Because this moped has a really smooth look! The Mejis Motorman has a steel and CrMo steel frame and a handcrafted harness leather saddle. And if you don’t like the designer’s choice color options, you can have the creators make your very own Motorman in your favorite color (you can even add your own logo).

Due to its dimensions (195x66x95 cm) and reduced weight (45 kg), the Mejis Motorman is ideal for busy cities but also for cruising along the countryside! So use it (or enjoy it) as you want!