Jetovator. The Flying Water-Powered Bike

Well, Jetovator sounds like a made-up name from kid’s cartoons. Hell no, it’s very real, and it’s coming to get you! If you’re into water sports, you will understand what’s all about : a cool accessory used to produce huge amounts of fun if you’re crazy enough to use such a devilry. All you need to become famous at the beach is a PWC(that’s a personal watercraft or a boat, as my grandfather used to say) and the Jetovator, and voila. You’ll be able to … continue reading

$6,975 Buy

Rapsody Yachts – The R32

Designed for easy access and ease of use, the Rapsody R32 is a vision made out of stainless steel, chrome, mahogany and teak, able to fulfill your wildest yacht expectations. From the smooth hull to the powerful engine at the heart of this open cockpit beast, the R32 is built for speed and class. Nobody will ever call you a loser with a turbo diesel engine standing between you and the waves. All the materials are of the highest quality, as expected from such a … continue reading

JetSurf, The Ultimate Ride

Ever heard about jet surfing ? If not, let me introduce you to one of the coolest inventions that has brought a lot of joy to the fans of watersports: the JetSurf. One surf board to rule them all. Back in 2008, Martin Sula and his team put their efforts into making a more awesome way to ride and to bring to life the idea of an engine-powered surfboard. They succeeded and, thanks to their genius, we now have the JetSurf, a high-tech motorized board … continue reading

$10.000 Buy

Wally 55 Powerboat

If you’re into water sports, you should take a look at the Wally 55 Powerboat. I forgot to mention one important aspect : if you’re into water sports and you have copious amounts of money. Because,guess what : If you want to put your greedy little hands on a Wally 55, you will have to dig deep into your pockets ;the price tag for this baby is quite striking: $2.4 million or more, depending on the options. Anyway, for such a copious amount of money, … continue reading

$2,400,000 Buy

Sea-Doo 150 Speedster Watercraft

I don’t know about you guys, but in my mind jet skis always appear next to beautiful ladies (or vice versa), and have this sort of… sex appeal to them. When you combine that feeling with the practicality of a regular, small boat, you get one manly means of travel called The Sea-Doo 150 Speedster. This is a 4 passenger jetboat that reaches a nice top speed of 58.3 MPH with a “gentle” push from its Rotax 255 HP engine. The Rotax 1503 4-TEC propels … continue reading

$20,200 Buy

De Antonio Mini Yacht

De Antonio Mini Yacht 19 600x230 De Antonio Mini Yacht

The De Antonio D23 Mini Yacht is the perfect little water toy; measuring 7 meters in length, it has enough space for a couple to have the maritime adventure of their life. It’s the perfect boat for people who would like to have an yacht but can’t actually afford a real one. This mini yacht is made of fiber glass and polyester, housing a hidden outboard motor, LED navigation lights and other cool stuff a modern yacht should have.

$78,200 Buy

Folding Kayak

With the assembly time a little under 5 minutes, this folding kayak will, however, not sink in the same amount of time. The only thing the Oru Kayak does is making boating simple, easy, and accessible – you can stash it, stow it, hell – even hike with it. And all this without a garage, SUV or roof racks necessary. The Oru Kayak has positive buoyancy and won’t sink even if water gets inside. Size: From a suitcase-sized box… …to the size of 12 feet (3.7 meters) long and weight … continue reading

$850 Buy

The Quadski. Travel The Land or Water

The Quadski both a jetsky and an ATV 1 600x400 The Quadski. Travel The Land or Water

The Quadski reaches speeds of 45 mph on both land and water and transitions between them in seconds.

This is the first retractable wheel vehicle that movies made you drool after. Set that bar higher while you raise your standards to match this amazing piece of technology that will redefine your idea of hardcore fun.

$40,000 Buy
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