108M Mega Yacht

Your Newest Floating Hotel Hareide Design Norway has taken a huge step in developing their newest Mega Yacht. The Concept can’t be better described then the way the team has on their website. The Mega Yacht is more related to a giant floating hotel instead of a ship. The Huge ship, which was unveiled on July 4th, is surprisingly green … continue reading

De Antonio D33 Yacht

Pirate in Style De Antonio recently rolled out it’s new models, and one that caught the eye of many Yacht enthusiasts everywhere was the D33! This gorgeous Yacht, built to accommodate a surprising amount of people, is the newest member of the De Antonio family. That being said, its capacity hold a maximum of ten people comfortably is pretty cozy … continue reading

Hammocraft Lets You Chill ON The Lake

In case you ever had a dream about spending some quality time with your friends on a lake somewhere or maybe by the sea, just floating above the water with a cold beer in your hand? The Hammocraft might bring your dream to reality. Now all you need to do is call your friends and let them know that you … continue reading

Black Swan Superyacht

Timur Bozca is a very innovative designer that has a good eye for detail and strives towards perfection as he has designed a new superyacht that is a sight to be seen. So in case you ever wanted to travel the seas in a super stylish and elegant yacht this is the one you need to keep in mind. From another … continue reading

Riva Ferrari 32 Speedboat: A Classic Water Glider

It’s not unusual to see luxury automakers aiding or putting their fingerprint on side-products like perfumes or clothing lines. However, the 1990 Riva 32 speedboat takes influence to the next level. This iconic-looking watercraft resulted from the collaboration between Ferrari and shipyard Riva, the latter being famous for collaborating in the past with other automotive names: Lamborghini and McLaren. A rather … continue reading

$200,000+ Buy

Mansory Black Marlin Luxury Jet Ski

Make Room For Big Waves Mansory is a luxury car modfication giant coming out from Brang, Germany. The company started in 1989, founded by Kourosh Mansory. Since then, they wrote history in many aspects of engine based vehicles which required customization in order to fulfill their owners’ ambitions and match their style. They also work on luxury SUV, custom bikes … continue reading

$62.000 Buy

2,500HP Claydon Reeves Aeroboat

Everybody wants to bathe their bodies into luxury. But what is luxury, exactly? A big mansion, a big pool, an expensive car? Maybe a big boat? While yachts are fun when throwing a week long party, jumping from wave to wave at high speeds sound more like an adventure. Take a stylish, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic boat, add a 2,500HP Rolls … continue reading

$4,2 million Buy

Levitating Tetrahedron Super Yacht

The Levitating Pyramid Schwinge Yachts unveiled their latest creation, the levitating pyramid, a most beautiful identified flying object of a watercraft, that can be seen around the little blue planet. After looking at it, we could mistake it for something coming from outer space, and there is nothing wrong about that. Something like this was imaginable only in Jules Verne’s … continue reading

$TBA Buy

Bugatti X Palmer Johnson Yacht

Adventurers, this is for you It all started 80 years ago. Ettore Bugatti, from Milan, the founder of the French car manufacturer giant we know so well today was a passionate of maritime models, both in sprawling and designing. This time around, Bugatti teamed up with Palmer Johnson, the biggest yacht manufacturer the world has seen up to this day … continue reading

$2.100.000 Buy

Rich Guy Toys – Personal Submarine

Pierre Aronnax on duty Have you ever dreamt of being the Pierre Aronnax of your own times ? Well, DeepFlight is here to introduce to us the Dragon, a personal submarine, entirely waiting for your command. It is one thing I like to mention from the start, when the submarine runs out of juice, it has a fixed positive buoyancy, … continue reading

$1.500.000 Buy
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