Welcome to TetraPOD, the very first enclosed trailer that can turn into a boat which you can find around, whether you talk North America or I would take the guess and say the whole globe. This trick, from one form to the other can be completed in less than a minute, take that into account, because time is precious in our world, and for a modern man, living in modern times, doing things in timely manner is not only an achievement, is an obligation.


The manufacturer came up with two different versions of TetraPOD – the on road and the off road. They are basically the same, the sole difference is to be found at the axle: off road equals a 2000lbs Walkin Beam Axle, while the on road comes with a Dexter Torsion Axle, meaning the latter is better to use for a way longer drives with the car. TetraPOD is so intended to be serviceable to practically everyone. You can have it with you for the main purpose, a tub trailer that can hold your stuff, let’s say your trunk is already full or for the full fun package, taking it for a ride at your favorite lake.

I personally find it a valuable tool designed to let you be more flexible, versatile. The transformation process is divided in seven quick and easy steps. In boat mode it can hold up to two people, and popel you using a 3 horse power engine. Handling it should be stable and predictable, as the engine is not so powerful, and the boat far from heavy.