Lets talk a bit about a hovercraft…  Yes, that type of vehicle that flies on a air cushion used for traveling on water or land. The air cushion is provided with a fan which acts like a propeller.

In fact, we’re going to talk about the latest hovercraft – the Renegade! It features a V-twin full injected 4-stroke engine and has a cool aircraft style superstructure. This two features make the Renegade hovercraft user friendly, easy to drive and quieter than any other similar products!


This high-tech 2 passenger hovercraft was designed with the operator in mind. The rudders are steered by simple controls, while the throttle is controlled by elevators and trigger controls. Thus, the operators can be trained in only 10 minutes!

Every aspect of it has been engineered and tested to bring absolute performance and to keep Renegade maintenance free and the most user friendly hovercraft in the world! Made of indestructible Kevlar & foam core sandwich – it’s the best you can get (so forget about HDPE or fiberglass-matt). The other components and panels are made of high strength carbon fiber.

With the Renegade, everything is simple, yet efficient and durable! Oh, and did we mention that it’s a perfect shore tender for yachts since it’s lighter than most jet skis and inflatables (it weighs 330 lbs.) . It’s also ideal for commercial or patrol operation…. Or, you can simply use it to enjoy freedom in the Maserati of hovercraft!