Malibu Boats, a very popular and successful manufacturer of water sports boats, has just improved one of its best selling models, the Wakesetter 23 LSV. The 2014 model boasts several enhancements which are dedicated to making your experience better than ever.

The 23-feet long boat offers a high amount of space and storage, being built to support the weight of up to 15 people (or 2,115 lbs) and features several things for allowing you to enjoy your time on the boat, such as speakers, the MDG system (Mobile Device Gateway) for enabling you to connect your smartphone with your boat for listening to music and, of course, cup holders. The Surf Gate has also been enhanced as you can now change your surf wake faster than ever and it’s only a matter of seconds between wakeboarding and wakesurfing. The boat is customizable, so you can decide over the seatings, upholstery, the tower size and shape, engine, not to mention the colors and other options. The materials used to build it are top notch, breathing high quality, solidity and refinement.


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