I know you have a hard time placing the steamy experience of saunas apart from a spa or a resort. But when your Finnish host invites you to sauna, you should know this is the casual way to introduce you into the Finnish culture. As long as the ‘land of a thousand lakes’ has crossed saunas with its national culture, why not create a vessel especially equipped with a room that can reach a temperature as high as 90 degrees Celsius to sail across the Finnish lake waters?

[adsense300gray]Available for rent, the Floating Sauna Houseboat was originally designed by a group of friends for their use only and is now quite the Finnish experience to have. The chic but, by all odds, ingenious raft is set in motion by a small outboard motor and features a bedroom with four bunks and a hot steam sauna on the lower level, so your gang can rent it for more than one sailing day at ease.According to the Finnish tradition, the best way to enjoy this relaxing experience is to jump into the icy lake water when heat becomes unbearable. Despite the usual rock bottom temperatures in Finland, Saunalautta is perfect for the rare summer days also. The raft’s upper deck becomes an excellent spot for you to sunbathe and relax in one of the many onboard hammocks. Saunalautta has an observation tower so you can peacefully admire the natural beauty around you and have picnic tables too, because the roof has a barbeque.

Built entirely from recycled wood, the Floating Sauna Houseboat is an unique eco conscious way to delight your body, when in Finland, and not just an amazing travel experience.

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