AM 37 is the name for the new Quintessence yachts’ models coming in two different versions: the AM 37 and AM 37S. They both look beautfiul while having enough to differ one from another. There is the top speed, one being at a top of 44 knots, what we could call a very refined model, while the second tops at 52 knots having the looks of special powerboat.They’re classy, like every yacht of course, bringing a touch to any personal luxury collection one might thing of having. And by that I mean that they lack nothing.


The design is a mixture of composite ideas coming from two different teams – the Aston Martin design team and the Mulder design team both having put their minds at work, and the result, ladies and gentlemen is breathtaking. The models are 37 feet long and are both out as of 2015. I would call them a grand combination of class and passion – these two words find themselves at the very top of the concept. They are both easy to use, as the mancufacturer boasts about these very fine pieces of naval machinery. If you are looking for a sports car to handle while at sea, this model right here is the answer for you, and if you double that with the luxurious attention spent on designing it, leaving nothing to chance, from curves to interface, then you have it all in one. They’re elegant, have no second thought about it and they make you want to ride one, so I give them this, they know how to give you the right feeling about it.