I don’t know about you guys, but in my mind jet skis always appear next to beautiful ladies (or vice versa), and have this sort of… sex appeal to them. When you combine that feeling with the practicality of a regular, small boat, you get one manly means of travel called The Sea-Doo 150 Speedster.

This is a 4 passenger jetboat that reaches a nice top speed of 58.3 MPH with a „gentle” push from its Rotax 255 HP engine. The Rotax 1503 4-TEC propels the boat to 30 MPH in the time you need to say „hold on as tight as you can!”, or approximatively 5 and a half seconds.

Probably its most sought after feature is the intelligent throttle control system. The FBW (fly-by-wire) allows for great handling whether accelerating or shifting into forward or reverse. Also, the two modes of operation it offers  – Eco and Docking – command the engine computer to adjust speed, either in a more economical fashion, or by limiting it to about 3800 rpm, which is appropriate in some situations.

Concerning the practicality aspect, the 150 Speedster is ace at having a sleek, modern design while offering great storage capacity. There are lockers in the cockpit sole, in the helm area, and one made especially for passengers. These will store all your tools, first aid kit and other necessities, while also incorporating an outlet for your devices. The safety equipment can be stored separately from all your other stuff, in a larger locker.

The Speedster was made for more than one water sport, therefore including a swimming platform, grab handles and a retractable ladder.

I couldn’t end this piece without commenting on the Speedster’s looks – it comes in various colors (red, green, yellow, orange), but what they all have in common is a dynamic, aggressive feel that reflects beautifully in details like chair patterns and the strategically placed accents of color. Nevertheless, consider the Speedster even when browsing for family boats.