If you want to feel like Leo DiCaprio (in any of his last movies, to be honest, but mostly Wolf on Wall Street), then consider buying a boat. And not any boat will do – why not purchase the Kormaran, a luxury speedboat that is like a Transformer for boats! It has the uncanny ability to transform into a monohull, a catamaran, or even a hydrofoil. It’s crafted from carbon fiber, being able to transform while on the move, and can reconfigure itself into a sunbathing platform in case you feel the need to lie down and soak in the sights. Twin hydrofoils extending from underneath the boat allow it to sit above the water, increasing speed and reducing water resistance by up to 80%, all while minimizing its environmental impact. Its top speed reaches 38 knots, letting you ride this oceanic Optimus Prime into battle, if you so desire.

Take a look below at how this boat of the future presents itself, and then decide whether or not it’s worth taking a plunge into deeper waters, at the expense of your wallet. This will probably cost you more than the average rich-man’s yacht, so prepare yourself. Surely it’s worth it.