Some people are just too lazy to surf the waves. Or, they can’t quite master the technique of keeping their feet up on a slippery board. Still, there’s no need to be disappointedş Marine Toys & Tenders came around with an interesting solution. If a regula jet-ski seems a little less fun, go ahead and try out the Wavekat P70.

If it looks to you like the best water go-kart there is, find out we share the same point of view. The Wavekat P70 is a great deal of a luxury toy; it doesn’t only look great, but its patented design and performance are what it takes to get tons of fun in a summer beach day. Wavekat P70 represents a stable water vehicle, being able to turn 90 degrees while maintaining high speeds; given its great stability, you can safely place your foot in the water even when gliding on the water surface at 65 km/h.


This miniature speedboat uses an asymmetric catamaran hull in order to get a high level of stability while maintaining the capacity to reach high speeds. It measures 380 x 169 x 152cm and is classified as a C watercraft (inshore) and it weights 210 kg without the mid-placed engine. Wavekat P70 has been designed to be a „get in and drive” type of vehicle; no previous experience or driving lessons are required in order to maneuver the craft. Just take control of the wheel with your hands while you press the throttle with your foot.

According to producers, it takes approximately 45 days to build the Wavekat P70 once the payment has been confirmed, with an added 7-10 days of shipping time directly from Europe or Asia.