[adsense300gray]Subwing is the latest gizmo for all the water sports enthusiasts out there. According to its manufacturer, this gadget will allow you to fly underwater, just like a huge submersible bird. Well, I used to think that swimming is like flying anyway, but it seems that I was wrong all of my life.

What makes Subwing different from other devilries is that unlike a regular surfboard, you’ll be able to get around underwater, but you’ll need somebody with a motor boat to tow you. It’s like, I don’t know, water skiing underwater or something. Basically, for (at least) $300 you’ll receive a two-piece/articulated object made  of plastic/carbon/whatever that will allow you to experience flying underwater while being towed away by a friend with a boat. This gizmo is useless if you don’t have a buddy to carry you around, and that’s a minus in my book. However, it seems like a pretty cool experience and I’d give it a try any day.

Subwing 2  Subwing 4 Subwing


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