Each time we’re embracing new and exciting ways to entertain ourselves, this never-ending lust for adventure that we experience is quickly surprised by other breathtaking temptations. Thrill-seekers, prepare yourselves to shiver with brand new Electric Hydrofoiling Quadrofoil Watercraft!

[adsense300gray]After several years of ‘prototype stage’, the actual  version of Electric Hydrofoiling Quadrofoil Watercraft is capable now of carrying two adults and reaches a top cruising speed up to 40 km/h and a range of up to 100 km on a single charge, which takes about 2 hours to be complete. Relatively light (weighing only 100 kg) Quadrofoil is made of composite materials and the designers claim it is unsinkable thanks to its fiberglass hollow hull construction.

Unlike other PWC (personal watercrafts), Quadrofoil is entirely environmentally sensitive, producing marginal noise pollution, zero emissions and tiny waves, making it the perfect mean of transportation for lakes, rivers and as well as marine protected areas.

The C-shaped hydrofoils wings, basically function like airplane wings, providing the necessary lift forces to get the craft out of the water at only 12 km/h and with the help of aerodynamic design of the Quadrofoil you’ll practically ‘fly’ above the water surfaces. Information such as range, speed, battery power and consumption are provided by the steering wheel, which features an integrated touch screen, also managing all the craft’s functions.

Combining the thrill of riding a jet-ski with the aerodynamic figure of an all-electric sport car, ElectricHydrofoiling Quadrofoil Watercraft, an outstandingly cool ride, will have you entertained while looking for summer adventures, whether you’re a beach person or a sport cars-addict.