Designed after the killer whale (Orcinus Orca) this watercraft can breach and submerge just like the mammal. Forget walking on water and think hydroplaning at 50 mph (80km/h) or reaching speeds of 25 mph while submerged to a maximum depth of  5 feet (1.5 meters).

The Killer Wale Submarine in action
The Killer Wale Submarine In Action

The Killer Wale Submarine interior
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A 255 horse power supercharged engine insures you’ll never get bored while porpoising or sky-hopping. The inside is also fun, featuring an LCD that displays live video from a camera built-in on the dorsal fin.

So if you have a hundred grand laying around, The Killer Whale will take over your boredom and transform you into a modern-day Jacques Cousteau.[svpply small]