[adsense300gray]Designed for easy access and ease of use, the Rapsody R32 is a vision made out of stainless steel, chrome, mahogany and teak, able to fulfill your wildest yacht expectations. From the smooth hull to the powerful engine at the heart of this open cockpit beast, the R32 is built for speed and class. Nobody will ever call you a loser with a turbo diesel engine standing between you and the waves. All the materials are of the highest quality, as expected from such a stylish boat.

Let’s just say you won’t be taking this baby fishing – unless that’s what you’re into. But why go fishing when you can just race your equally rich friends on the lake owned by your grandparents who were once royalty. It’s just an idea, give it a go. Even if your relatives aren’t royalty, you could still pretend – especially in such a fancy yacht.


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