Pierre Aronnax on duty

Have you ever dreamt of being the Pierre Aronnax of your own times ? Well, DeepFlight is here to introduce to us the Dragon, a personal submarine, entirely waiting for your command. It is one thing I like to mention from the start, when the submarine runs out of juice, it has a fixed positive buoyancy, meaning it will always get to floating levels above the sea, back to surface, just like very DeepFlight craft so far does. It’s a huge thing, it’s like this you can prevent failures which could lead to the Ocean being your own coffin. With these kinds of toys, safety should come first, make no mistake in this.

Explore the vastness of the blue planet

Only after you submerge, you will understand that you have complete control over it. They properly call it the DeepFlight Dive Manager, (or simply DDM) an innovative set of processes and technologies monitoring all the critical functions. With its help, with just the least of training there is, you can enjoy the amazing sensation of exploring the huge blue infinity. DDM also lets you select a depth limit for any dive at any given time, another great example of how a machine like this should be built.

It weighs in total 1800 kg and is only 5 metres long, this characteristics make the Dragon suitable for different kind of yachts, even smaller ones. It is fueled by a completely waterproof Li-Ion battery lasting up to six hours underwater, giving you plenty of time to look around for the things you’re after. The sound coming out from the engine can put the submarine in the category of silent ones. Worth of mentioning is the possibility of hovering, a feature making the Dragon able to stay around water species and following them on their day to day activities.

Beauty for the eye

Looking at the shape, the colors and the details, we can generally agree that DeepFlight made a terrific job. It’s a pleasure to sit in it of course, but having it presented to your friends or family makes it a piece of resistance to any respectable watercraft collection, and I don’t expect another answer here. It’s compact, lightweight and astonishingly functional.


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