Well, Jetovator sounds like a made-up name from kid’s cartoons. Hell no, it’s very real, and it’s coming to get you! If you’re into water sports, you will understand what’s all about : a cool accessory used to produce huge amounts of fun if you’re crazy enough to use such a devilry.

[adsense300gray]All you need to become famous at the beach is a PWC(that’s a personal watercraft or a boat, as my grandfather used to say) and the Jetovator, and voila. You’ll be able to fly riding a hose over the water like a sea-witch. This fly-on-water ride works by redirecting the water thrust from the high-powered PWC along a 40 foot long hose that is attached to the Jetovator’s body. This high pressure water stream is used to propel you into the air and you can also perform cool maneuvers with the Jetovator using its front directing-nozzles.

A crew of two is required to operate the it – the crazy rider on the hose and the fool in the boat, which controls the throttle of the engine. Keep in mind that you need a high powered boat in order to use the Jetovator.