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Bar Rafaeli Model Pictures

Bar Rafaeli, hard to say her name and not smile. This extremely hot Israeli supermodel is one of our favorites here at HisPotion. We love her for so many reasons, but her amazing body and flawless face are probably near the top. Let’s just shutup and enjoy the magic.  

Mathilde Goehler Blew Our Mind in 2014


And she’ll probably keep doing so, as this Danish beauty is just 20 years old. And if I were the betting type, I’d put my money on seeing Mathilde among Victoria’s Secret Angels in the years to come. Wishing you a Happy New Year and leaving you with the best of 2014: Mathilde Goehler.

Thursday Delight: Chaya Medina

Unfortunately there’s not much we know about the beautiful Chaya Medina . She’s a model at Vision LA, booked an ad campaign for MeUndies and she just turned 18. Hoping to see a lot more of her in the near future.

It’s Summer in Brazil! Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz Barros 24

As you’re putting on layer after layer of fabric, people in the Southern hemisphere are enjoying what we can only dream of (for now) – Summer. And Brazil makes no exception, as December is their first month of Summer. And as since I’ve already got you dreaming, here comes Ana Beatriz Barros, one of the hottest Brazilian supermodels that ever walked the catwalks. Check out the photo gallery below, it will surely generate a lot of heat!

Penelope Cruz Named The Sexiest Woman Alive 2014 by Esquire

And we couldn’t agree more! There are plenty of stunning celebrities out there, whether they’re running the catwalks and make you droll at each and every photo of them you get to see, or whether you’ll watch a movie five times just to get your dose of your favorite actress. We’ve all been there, and in most of the cases, the ladies in question were in their mid-twenties, and there’s nothing wrong with this … continue reading

Ashlyn Coray, A Name You’ll Surely Remember


Ashlyn is a Southern Californian model with Filipino, German, Irish, Scottish and Indian origins. Probably the best of each nation blended in – you’ve got to love globalisation! She’s set to become a super model, but if that won’t happen, she’ll be just as happy working with children and making a positive impact on their lives, and that’s wife material right there. Check out some of Ashlyn Coray’s hottest photos in the gallery below.

Samantha Ahrens Is An Absolute Stunner


Meet Samantha Ahrens, an american model that needs to see the flash bulb a lot more often. We’ve stumbled on this absolute beauty while browsing our tumblr feed and we really felt like we should share her endless beauty with you. We encourage you to do the same! I really feel like Samantha’s the kind that needs to show herself some more in order to.. you know .. put an end to world hunger, no more wars and so on. She seems to have that kind of power. Enjoy!

An Interview With Roberta Mancino, World’s Sexiest Daredevil

With over 8500 skydives, several awards won for both freestyle and freefly skydiving, Roberta Mancino is, without doubt the world’s hottest daredevil. And it doesn’t stop there – Roberta is also a base jumper, wingsuit flyer and a model, having covered magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Maxim and now HisPotion. Did I mention she’s the first lady to have skydived in the nude? Now that I have your attention, check out the interview and the photo gallery below.

Meet Nicola Peltz, The Next Scarlett Johansson

If you haven’t had your daily dose of gorgeous women yet, allow us to introduce you to one of the most beautiful young actresses that have made their way to the big screen in the first half of 2014. Her name is Nicola Peltz and while you may recognize her from Transformers: Age of Extinction, her work includes a few other films that show off her natural beauty and talent.

15 Questions With Playboy Cover Model Roxana Tanase

From presenting the sport news to covering the Playboy issue entitled “the comeback of natural brests”, Roxana gained a lot of fans in Romania. And we felt like that just wasn’t enough, so here she is answering some questions for us followed by a hot photo gallery .. continue reading

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