From presenting sports news to covering the Playboy issue entitled „the comeback of natural breasts”, Roxana gained a lot of fans in Romania. And we felt like that just wasn’t enough, so here she is, answering some questions for us followed by a hot photo gallery.

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Roxana: You can find me somewhere between a spoiled child and a generous and very emphatic adult. I am never satisfied with myself and I never want to be. I am always dreaming but at the same time try to be realistic.

So you’re from Romania – make it famous in one sentence. Why would anyone want to visit it?
Roxana: Our country is very beautiful. You have mountains, seaside, the Danube Delta and many other unique sights, a place full of traditions, good food, nice people and… They do speak English :))

Bad guy or good guy?
Roxana: Hmm, good guys with bad intentions!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Roxana: I once co-piloted a plane, and actually flew it a bit as well!

How long have you been modeling? Why did you choose this path in your life?
Roxana: Since I was 16. I followed some modelling classes, manners & makeup school and one year later I was cast in Milan.

What work are you most proud of and why?
Roxana: I’m mostly proud that I was the main anchor in the sports news section a few years back. This is a memory I’m most fond of. Television has been a big part of my life and I’m actually thinking of going back.

How was your experience with Playboy? Were you surprised when you heard they chose you?
Roxana: It was a very unique experience in which I felt very flattered for being chosen.

[adsense300gray]Was it difficult to take the step and pose nude? If so, how did you overcome your fear?
Roxana: It’s actually very funny because I got past my fears drinking some shots. The funny part is the Playboy team was equipped with the necessary drinks which means I was not the only one in need of them.

And now let’s get to the interesting questions. Are you single?
Roxana: No, I’m not, I have an ongoing relationship for 4 years now.

So your boyfriend is a photographer. How did he get your attention? What was his opening line ?
Roxana: We’ve actually hooked up at his studio during a photo shoot. I didn’t originally agree to do a shoot with him but in the end, I’m glad I did. He didn’t say anything that special because he was trying to be professional, but it was the way he made me feel, I liked the way I felt with him.

Does he gets jealous when you work with other photographers?
Roxana: If he is, I could never tell. What I do know is that he always finds something wrong with other photographers’ pictures of me. Either the angles or the bad lighting. Maybe this is his way of showing it.

If you were to buy a present for him, what would you chose from
Roxana: Some Tom Ford Sneakers. He’s a big Tom Ford buff.

What celebrity do you find the most attractive? 
Roxana: My all-time favorite actor has to be Al Pacino. His role in Scarface is the one that made me fall in love with him. We even have the movie poster framed in our living room and also made a tribute photo shoot for our 4 year anniversary.

If you had to identify yourself with an actress or model, which one would it be and why?
Roxana: Definitely Cindy Crawford. Imagine the perfect legs & silhouette, a face without wrinkles, the hair of a goddess and a perfect mole just above the lips. She is still maintaining her high beauty standard even among the younger girls today.

Do you travel a lot? What is the most exciting place you have ever been?
Roxana: I’ve travelled a lot in Europe and recently in Asia. One of the most interesting places I’ve been to has to be Japan & Thailand, probably because of the very different culture and civilization. Next year I plan on going to Singapore to get to know the modern part of Asia.

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