When Dwayne „The Rock” Johnson speaks, people listen. Recently, he used his powerful voice to help fellow actor Barry Keoghan prepare for a difficult role. In just 10 minutes, Johnson’s pep talk transformed Keoghan’s mindset and allowed him to give a standout performance. Here’s how it all went down.

How The Rock’s Voicenote Helped Actor Barry Keoghan

Barry Keoghan is a talented actor with a bright future, but even he can struggle with the pressure of a challenging role. That’s where Dwayne Johnson stepped in. The two had met on the set of the 2019 film „Black Adam,” where Keoghan was feeling overwhelmed by his character’s backstory and motivations. Johnson, who has faced his own share of challenges as an actor and wrestler, sensed that Keoghan needed some encouragement.

Without hesitation, Johnson recorded a 10-minute voicenote for Keoghan that changed everything. In the message, Johnson talked about his own experiences with self-doubt and perseverance. He encouraged Keoghan to „own the moment” and „be present” in each scene. By the end of the recording, Keoghan felt reinvigorated and ready to tackle the role. His performance in „Black Adam” earned rave reviews, and he later credited Johnson’s advice for helping him get there.

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Dwayne Johnson’s 10-Minute Pep Talk for Keoghan’s Role

In his voicenote to Keoghan, Dwayne Johnson pulled no punches. He acknowledged the difficulty of the role and the pressure that comes with it. But he also emphasized the importance of staying focused and committed to the work. Johnson shared personal anecdotes from his own career, reminding Keoghan that even successful actors face setbacks and moments of doubt.

But the most valuable part of Johnson’s message was his emphasis on the present moment. He urged Keoghan to forget about everything else and just focus on the scene at hand. „You have to be present in the moment,” Johnson said. „You have to own the moment.” This advice resonated with Keoghan, who later said that it helped him feel more confident and connected to his character. Thanks to Johnson’s words of wisdom, Keoghan was able to deliver a standout performance in „Black Adam.”

It’s clear that Dwayne Johnson’s 10-minute voicenote had a profound impact on Barry Keoghan’s career. By sharing his own experiences and words of encouragement, Johnson helped Keoghan overcome his doubts and deliver a memorable performance. It’s a testament to the power of mentorship and support in the entertainment industry, and a reminder that even the biggest stars can benefit from a little pep talk now and then.

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