Celebrity drama is always juicy and it seems like we have a new scoop to add to the mix. Mike Tyson, the retired boxing champion, recently spilled some tea about Brad Pitt’s fear of him after catching him with his ex-wife. The story has been making rounds in the media and fans can’t get enough of it.

Tyson dishes the dirt on Brad’s fear of him

Mike Tyson is known for his fierce boxing skills and tough exterior, but it seems like Brad Pitt may have been intimidated by him. According to Tyson, Brad was afraid of him after catching him with his ex-wife, Robin Givens, back in the 80s. In an interview with The Sun, Tyson revealed that he and Givens were in the midst of a tumultuous divorce when Brad showed up at their house one day.

Apparently, Brad was there to „do some carpentry work” but Tyson wasn’t having it. „I thought Brad was trying to steal my wife,” Tyson confessed. „I was going to…you know…beat Brad’s a**. But Robin interceded and begged me to not hurt him. So, of course, I respected her wishes.” It seems like Brad’s reputation as a heartthrob did not work in his favor in this situation.

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Brad caught with ex-wife, Tyson spills the tea

Tyson’s revelation about Brad’s fear of him comes after years of rumors about the incident. In the 80s, Brad was still a rising star in Hollywood and Tyson was at the height of his boxing career. The thought of the two of them crossing paths was intriguing, to say the least.

The story may have been forgotten over time, but Tyson’s recent revelation has brought it back to the forefront. Fans are eager to know more about what happened that day and how Brad really felt about Tyson. It’s clear that even celebrities are not immune to drama and gossip, and Tyson’s tea-spilling only adds to the intrigue.

From Hollywood heartthrobs to boxing legends, this story has it all. Tyson’s revelation about Brad’s fear of him after catching him with his ex-wife has piqued the interest of fans everywhere. Whether you’re Team Brad or Team Tyson, there’s no denying that this celebrity drama is too juicy to ignore.

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