Sofia Vergara is certainly very aware of the feeling that comes with donning a swimming suit on the weekend. The Modern Family actress recently uploaded a couple of images to Instagram to formally welcome the weekend and summer.

“Finally the weekend!!🥳🥳 solecito🌞🌞 #hm #gettingreadyforsummer 🕶,” – Sofia Vergara captioned her sexy pic.

Naturally, supporters immediately went wild once they saw this Instagram post. It went crazy as soon as it was posted.

Sofia Vergara Bathing suit
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Vergara is clearly really committed to improving her physical level these days. Her standard movements are yet accessible as well. Jennifer Yates, her personal trainer, previously revealed to Marie Claire in 2017 that her client loves to walk on the treadmill on a steep slope. She dislikes running, according to Yates. She occasionally rides a spin cycle for 15 minutes, but she much loves to incline her walk.

Vergara is a stickler for routine, working out up to seven days a week. Yates remarked, „Sofa wants to put on muscle and to have that look—she loves curves.” Although walking is helpful for her, she will spin to get her cardio in.

Vergara adheres rigidly to a schedule, working out as much as seven days a week. „Sofa wants to put on strength and to have that look—she likes curves,” Yates noted. She will spin in order to get her cardio in, even if walking is beneficial for her.

Vergara is a great fan of Pilates-inspired exercises and uses the high-intensity, reduced Lagree Method, which, according to Yates, „morphed into Pilates.” She furthermore employs a device known as a Megaformer to achieve her goals.

Vergara strives to focus on the adage „everything in moderation” while choosing the substances she uses to nourish her body. She also seems to have a serious sugar tooth.

Sofa described her diet to SELF as „I do have a lot of fruits and veggies, and we prepare fresh meats.  But I also enjoy dessert and ice cream, and we do that on the weekends”. She avoids the most decadent sweets throughout the weekdays.