When we think of action movie icons, two names that immediately come to mind are Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These two Hollywood legends have starred in countless films that have become cultural touchstones, from the Rocky and Rambo franchises to Terminator and Predator. But what many people don’t know is that despite their onscreen rivalries, Stallone and Schwarzenegger are actually great friends in real life. Here’s the story of how these two foes became bros.

The Unexpected Friendship of Two Action Legends

It’s not uncommon for actors to become friends on set, but considering the history between Stallone and Schwarzenegger, their friendship is definitely unexpected. In the ’80s, the two competed for the title of Hollywood’s top action star, with each trying to outdo the other’s box office success. This led to some not-so-friendly comments in the press, with each star taking jabs at the other’s acting ability. But as time went on, Stallone and Schwarzenegger began to appreciate each other’s talents, and a mutual respect developed.

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How Stallone and Schwarzenegger Became Best Friends

The turning point in Stallone and Schwarzenegger’s relationship occurred in the mid-’90s, when both actors were cast in the movie Assassins. The film’s director, Richard Donner, encouraged the two to work together and get to know each other off set. They did just that, and by the time filming wrapped, Stallone and Schwarzenegger had become fast friends. They even started collaborating on scripts together, with Stallone writing a role specifically for Schwarzenegger in the movie Escape Plan. The two have since starred in several other films together, including The Expendables franchise, and have even been known to hit the gym together to stay in shape.

It’s always heartwarming to hear about unexpected friendships in Hollywood, especially between two icons like Stallone and Schwarzenegger. Despite their initial rivalry, they were able to put their differences aside and form a bond that has lasted over two decades. Who knows, maybe we’ll see these two onscreen together again in the future. Until then, we can take comfort in knowing that even the toughest action stars can become bros.

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