As a child, Michea Crawford wanted to be a translator or a flight attendant, but happily, future held something better for her, and us. Why keep her beauty away, behind a fancy curtain that separates first class from the rest of the world? There is a God!

Michea is a model, not a supermodel – „Not yet” she confesses to a Canadian online publication: „but I’ll be there because I’ve been approached by Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated”. She’s currently in-demand, doing shoot after shoot after shows like New York Fashion Week (where she currently lives), or lingerie/bikini/fashion spreads for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Zoo or print ads for companies like Calzedonia, Yamamay, Roots.

Michea hasn’t tweeted yet, but if you’re curious and want to be inspired read on. I can tell she has great taste in music, enjoying bands like TV On The Radio, Caribou, The Black Keys. And when she’s watching TV, she does it in style too, being a fan of The Office, 30 Rock, Modern Family – a bunch of great TV Shows.