In a world that’s going mobile, here are the best and the latest smartphones and accessories.

Juugo – The Smartphone Case Attached to Your Hand

JUUGO – The Smartphone Case Attached to Your Hand How many times in a month, on average, do you happen to drop your phone? Once, Twice? Perhaps you’re the one in a million who never happens to drop their phone at all! But according to Tech 21’s survey a few years back, it shows that about 90% of smartphone users … continue reading

OUKITEL Smartphone Boasts 15 Days Battery Life

Are you the kind of person that travels a lot? Are you used to seeing the departures terminal more frequently than the neighborhood? Are you leaving for a very long trip next week? The OUKITEL Smartphone Is Made For You How about if you had a 10k mAh battery available with you? Inside the smartphone, man, not those heavy, uncomfortable … continue reading

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Tech Guide: Blu Vivo 5

Blu Vivo 5, The Newcomer The Miami based smartphone company Blu has officially announced at CES 2016, in January, the final plans and release date for Blu Vivo 5 (and his little brother Blu Vivo 5 XL). The reason why I picked this one to talk about is because Blu Vivo 5 actually has the potential to rule over the … continue reading

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Hands-on with the Nexus 6P Smartphone

Last week we talked about Huawei,their entrance to the US smartphone market and some premium products they offer. A very smart thing to do, as we still see a lot of space there to explore. But they needed more than this. A leap, a big step ahead, so they are now releasing the official Nexus 6P together with Google. We’ve excitingly … continue reading

New Kid on the Block – Huawei’s Nexus 6P Smartphone

This post brought to you by Huawei for IZEA. The content and opinions expressed below are that of HisPotion The smartphone market is hot, really hot. Google’s famous Nexus brand released (September 2015) its latest product, the Nexus 6P, manufactured by Huawei, a global CE powerhouse based in China. In addition to this smartphone, Huawei develops many different premium products. The … continue reading

Get A Longer Lasting iPhone Battery

You’re Charging To 100% If your palms start sweating when your battery drops below 90%, you need to chill. Maintaining a full charge is not the most efficient way to keep your phone battery strong. In fact, experts suggest letting your phone coast through the day between 30 and 80 percent full. That’s where it’s most comfortable, and will run … continue reading

Tech Guide: LG V10

In a big, big world The inaugural device for the brand new line coming from the Korean manufacturer is not a joke. It’s an answer. A statement that the time to end the competition’s reign as the only ones who dictate the flagship market of smartphones is here. It’s a smartphone trying to pave the line for a three-way to … continue reading

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Robin Is The Smartest Smartphone Yet

Being built not as a smartphone killer but as a problem killer, Robin is the first smartphone built for the Cloud experience. There is no point in denying that no matter how high capacity modern smartphones are, at some point they will eventually run out of space, forcing you to delete data in order to make room for other. Robin … continue reading

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The Secrets Of Turing, The All Metal Super-Secure Phone

A new Android platform terminal is now available to reserve. Coming out from Turing robotic industries, the telephone is coming with Liquidmorphium™, an amorphous liquid metal alloy. What does this actually mean you ask, well, the device feels like glass when touched, but it’s something more stylish, like when you touch a mirror; let’s admit, this is something new. But … continue reading

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Marshall London Is The Loudest Smartphone Yet

While petrolheads may argue that there is no replacement for displacement, I do strongly consider that, in the vast audiomaker industry, there is no replacement for experience and quality. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have an audio device which provides crystal clear sound, gives out a high number of decibels and above all, it can fit in your pocket? With … continue reading

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