[adsense300gray]Looking for a unique looking skin for your iPhone 5 ? You might want to check out the “Luna” Concrete Skin, a nice piece of work coming from the collaboration between Posh Craft, a Korean manufacturer, and Realize – a design team.
This interesting looking skin looks like it just came from out of space, being made from actual concrete and having some tiny craters on it that offer the impression that the back cover has just been carefully scraped from the surface on the moon and placed on your iPhone 5 smartphone.

Even if you and your friends all decide to get one of these babies, your handset will still be different from theirs, as the “Luna” Concrete Skins feature unique patterns, as the concrete forms have different forms and placements.

If the idea of concrete on your phone may sound a little inconvenient because of weight issues, you shouldn’t have to worry much about it, as the Luna Skin is pretty thin and won’t be adding too many grams on your iPhone’s weight.

luna skin 1

luna skin 2

luna skin 3


luna skin