You love your iPhone 6, but you would be happier if you could also take better pictures with it, right? You now have the solution, without even having to undergo all the usual steps: take out your phone, unlock it, adjusting the scene and taking a picture. How can you take faster and better pictures?

The Moment Case, is the first iPhone 6 case which introduces the fastest way to take photos with the phone. You can now take pictures much faster thanks to the Moment Shutter Button, placed on top of the case. This is a multi-state button which works exactly like a DSLR camera, enabling half press for lock focus and full press features.

[adsense300gray]You have more advanced controls, such as using the shutter button to focus and the on-screen touch features to fine tune lighting. This way you will have cleaner photos than before, with less editing required. You can customize the controls the way you want in the Moment App.

The Moment Case comes with high quality, industrial strength lens interface, which you can leave mounted in between shots, so no more metal plate needed on your phone. The case is able to detect when you attach a lens, so it will enable Moment App which will display certain features so that you can take cleaner pictures.

No more losing time trying to get your phone out of the pocket, purse or bag. The Moment case come with s trap included, which means that you will be able to wear your phone around your neck or attached to your wrist.