What if your smartphone case could do much more than just protect your phone? Of course, there are cases that can also be used as tools or wallets or are made of various materials such as leather, plastic or metal. But is there anything more a phone case has to offer? Sure there is!

The e-ink case from popSLATE transforms the back of your smartphone into a full size second screen. You can instantly customize it with anything from pictures to important information (schedules, shopping lists, workout program, to do lists, directions, etc). You also extend you phone’s battery life by using the ePaper display instead of the power-hungry main screen. No matter the lighting, the ePaper screen is also easily visible, so you will never have trouble to quickly access the information you need.

[adsense300gray]The new e-ink case from popSLATE comes in white or black, and is available for users of iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note II and many other models to be supported soon. The only similarity with the standard snap in case is that it gives the same amount of protection. The e-ink case features a built-in 4” display which can be accessed through the popSLATE app. Simply send the picture, boarding pass, map or whatever you want via Bluetooth and you will have the information on the back of your phone in no time.

The case also features on-board memory, a microcontroller and a dual-mode Bluetooth chip. Easy to use, efficient, useful and smart, the e-ink is the perfect smart case for your smartphone.