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The smartphone market is hot, really hot. Google’s famous Nexus brand released (September 2015) its latest product, the Nexus 6P, manufactured by Huawei, a global CE powerhouse based in China. In addition to this smartphone, Huawei develops many different premium products.
The phone, which offers a lot of interesting features, is now being heavily pushed in the U.S.. Huawei is known for its deep understanding of the tech world and the features on the device are the result of years of improvements. Something really cool that they’re starting to provide is contract-free phones, meaning you don’t have to be locked into one single carrier (for those outside of the U.S., contract-free is not the norm in the states)

Let’s talk a bit about the device itself. Off the bat, its features really show that the company has been listening to consumer product feedback from the Nexus 6S. The phone runs the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and has some better-late-than-never features like a way to photograph in low light settings (bars anyone?) with its 12.3 MP sapphire-crystal lens camera. Low light conditions pose the greatest challenge to most smartphone cameras, so it’s great to see a company doing something about it. Even the front camera is upgraded to a surprising 8 MP, which basically guarantees your best selfie ever.

Here’s something that some users like more than others: the screen is very large, measuring at  5.7”. I’ve noticed at times that screens this big can be difficult to use with one hand and you need to grab with both. For myself, being a holding-my-phone-with-one-hand-in-bed type of person, I prefer smaller ones, but for all gamers / video watching users out there, it’s a godsend.
Another strong point of this device is the battery, giving users a 3450mAh boost that’ll keep you talking, texting and apping well into the night. Pricing isn’t too bad either, starting at $499 for 32GB and up to $649 for the 128GB model. You can order the phone online via Huawei’s site.

The HisPotion team is currently playing around with the Nexus 6P phone and will be posting a full review on the smartphone in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for that.

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