They say that wood never goes out of style. And this does not only refer to furniture. It’s classy and elegant and  you can’t settle down for less if you have the chance to dress up your iPhone 6 in the most technically-advanced and beautifully-designed wooden case.

It’s not just pretty to look at, rest assured. Hibiki is capable of reducing the ambient noise whilst perfecting the sound you hear. You will now be able to listen to your favorite music without worrying about the radiowaves that might alter the sound and without having to carry your separate portable amplifiers around, which are sometimes annoying, as they constantly need batteries.


The Hibiki case is here to save the day with a combination of  its „PULSHU MU” high-tech material that aims to limit non-audio signal wave noise and top quality white ash wood that provides the best sound resolution.

Moreover, the 3-D-shaped supporting points are intended to eliminate any distortion while snuffing out vibration to avoid distortion and provide better sound.

This innovative case is produced by Matsuba factory, which is known for its dedication to provide top quality products. That is where it is carefully created by a skillful craftsman that pays attention to every single detail that makes the final product so uniquely special.

From wood to case, the process is long and it involves skill and technology alike. Therefore, this might just be the accessory that your iPhone misses.