Say hello to the first electronic display paper phone concept out there – the YotaPhone. What sets it apart from other such phones is its main feature: double 4.3 inch screens! These Russians sure know how to design to impress. The YotaPhone, estimated at a starting price of $700, has been much improved since the drawing board, with a more friendly interface and a less cumbersome navigation through the „paper” pages. And since the display is always on, you can see all your updates in real time without picking up or activating your phone. Everything stays on the screen just the way you left it, so that even when your phone’s battery runs out, you can still see the last thing that was displayed on it. This is useful if you need to save important information and your phone is on low battery.

[adsense300gray]The electronic paper technology basically merges your smartphone with a kindle, letting you rest your eyes and enjoy a comfortable reading experience (even in bright sunshine!) On one side there’s a normal LCD touch screen, while on the other we find an e-ink screen, both slightly tilted. 

The back screen kind of makes phone cases useless, as you can choose whatever image you want it to display and personalize your YotaPhone without having to change cases all the time. Hell, this phone even cries for help when the battery is close to running out. How cute is that?

YotaPhone has not only two screens, but also two cameras: a pretty good main 13 MP, flash-enabled camera and a front-facing camera (1MP). Concentrating on practicality, it is LTE-enabled and can store up to 32 GB of data. Its matte finish and friendly dimensions (133.6×6.7×9.99mm) make it stand out of a crowd of huge shiny „fablets”.