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Olympus Tough TG-Tracker Camera

TG-Tracker For Rugged Outdoors Built for the adventure-seeker type of man, Olympus pushes the already-overcrowded action camera market segment with Tough TG-Tracker. Thankfully, it doesn’t just look rugged and ready, it actually is. While it fits in your pocket, it delivers 4K video and photo quality. The 204° extreme angle and F2.0 high-speed lens ensure every bit of your adventure will … continue reading

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Extreme zooming: Sony RX10 III Camera

The Deadly Combinations There’s a reason beyond the name to why I appreciate Sony cameras so much. Because they always try to bring something new, something not everyone in the business can afford doing. This time, they chose the zooming feature as the next focal point of progress. The Sony RX10 III Camera doesn’t just take zooming one step further. … continue reading

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Olympus TG-870, The Tough Camera

Looking For Resilience? Olympus TG-870 is branded as a tough camera for a reason. You can believe us when we say this is made for you, if you’re looking for a resilient digital camera to bring when going to pay a visit inside the heart of mother nature. The things to consider here are the weight, a 225g in total … continue reading

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Mokacam – World’s Smallest 4K Camera

Say Hello to Mokacam Filming in 4K is a great feature for any image capturing device. It’s the average-big-thing right now, the golden standard for a recording gadget to be placed in the big names category. So there is so much room for innovation and today we want to bring you the world’s smallest 4K camera. Moka is the name … continue reading

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Light camera

From big to just grand Since the inception of smart phones  already a few years ago, it was quite clear that the shape of gadgets will be determined by new guidelines summarized in some simple keywords, like portable, pocket-sized, all-in-one, the goal being that some day we will carry everything we need in some simple, yet incredibly advanced one object. … continue reading

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Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Camera

Guys at Olympus come with what they brag to be the next big thing in your shooting game. I talk shooting pictures, of course. Olympus AIR is a new concept, open platform camera that pairs your Smartphone to a lens camera. So you got the intelligence, the flexibility and the features of a gadget combined with the quality of an … continue reading

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Leica M Monochrom Digital Camera

There are few expressions of the digital rendered art that can get anywhere close to the fine and delicate touch of photography. Capturing the best angle, getting the proper light and weather conditions, getting the best smile from a model, the best sunset on a beach, the best camera settings; each and every one of these elements contribute to a … continue reading

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Blackmagic Remote Controlled Digital Film Micro Camera

Ever wondered how those mind-bending camera shots are being taken? You know, those shots that really make the audience wonder: “how did they manage to get into that angle?”. Blackmagic launched a very drone-friendly digital film camera that has RAW capabilities and features a considerable number of expansion slots. According to producers, Blackmagic Micro Camera is the miniaturized version of a Super 16mm professional movie camera … continue reading

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Podo – The Portable Photo Booth

Taking a selfie sometimes requires intricate yoga moves which may lead to the most awkward results. You can’t post something like that! In fact, how many selfies do you take before getting one right? Well, with Podo all the selfie-taking problems are over! It’s a stick and shoot camera that you can take everywhere! Practically it’s your very own portable … continue reading

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CamCarry Handmade Leather Camera Case

You have a passion for photography and you love you awesome camera you have just bought. There is one issue though. You do not have an elegant camera bag to carry it around everywhere you go. You need something minimalistic, but at the same time practical and easy-access? CamCarry is exactly what you are looking for. Made of high quality … continue reading

$90 Buy
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