It happened to all of us: you want to capture an important moment in your life with a camera but you can’t quite free your hands and the short moment passes away. What if you could actually take photos of meaningful moments without having to use your hands to press a button? Wouldn’t that be great?

Named „The world’s most wearable camera”, the Narrative Clip 2 can be attached anywhere on your clothing; then it will start capturing different moments in your life. It automatically takes a photo every 30 seconds but you can also tap twice and capture an instant. Photographs are being sorted by a smart algorithm so that the end user can access directly the best shots taken by the camera and then share or store them to a different system.

[adsense300gray]Also, Narrative Clip 2 is equipped both with bluetooth and wireless connectivity chips. When charging near a recognized network, the camera will automatically connect to your own Narrative account and upload photos both to free up memory and to create a reliable backup. According to the producer, the bluetooth function allows for remote control of the camera through a software application for mobile phones.

Narrative Clip 2 holds up to 6000 photos and the battery was designed to last for 60 hours of continuous use. That is approximately until the memory is full, given that it takes a picture every 30 seconds without pause. However, you may save battery power by turning the camera face down; the accelerometer inside will put Narrative to sleep.