Ever wondered how those mind-bending camera shots are being taken? You know, those shots that really make the audience wonder: „how did they manage to get into that angle?”. Blackmagic launched a very drone-friendly digital film camera that has RAW capabilities and features a considerable number of expansion slots. According to producers, Blackmagic Micro Camera is the miniaturized version of a Super 16mm professional movie camera.


The first element to consider that really makes the Blackmagic camera unique is it’s wide compatibility. It can be easily attached on quadcopters, used as crash cam, helmet cam or even as a hidden surveillance element on a TV show. This way, everything from close-ups on extreme sports to silencing panoramic views can be attained with the Blackmagic camera. Unlike regular drone attached cameras, you can remotely control Blackmagic in order to get even better frames or to adjust settings directly while filming. Whenever the camera is mounted or set to film in a dangerous location, you can stay at a safe distance and command it using radio waves. This is done by connecting the expansion slot to airplane radio control receivers and map different camera functions on certain radio channels.

The Super 16mm sensor that Blackmagic comes equipped with is able to record FullHD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, while the global shutter makes sure the images won’t get woobly or distorted as in the case of regular DSLR cameras. The ISO goes up 1600, so you can get great video quality even in low light conditions. The Blackmagic micro digital film camera captures 12bit log digital film quality images. This is why you won’t have to worry about nasty artifacts that 8-bit compressions standards are usually generating.

Finally, there’s one more mention to make to the thick chapter regarding compatibility. Blackmagic comes with Micro Four Thirds lens mount, allowing the operator to attach a variety of professional lens, including wide angle lens, standard or zoom lens.