Taking a selfie sometimes requires intricate yoga moves which may lead to the most awkward results. You can’t post something like that! In fact, how many selfies do you take before getting one right?


Well, with Podo all the selfie-taking problems are over! It’s a stick and shoot camera that you can take everywhere! Practically it’s your very own portable mini photo booth. You simply stick it on a flat surface and take the photo with your phone!

Podo’s main innovation is it’s sticky back which promises to remain sticky over time. How will it manage this? Simple: it’s a special pad covered with microscopic suction cups, and, for a stronger hold, behind this surface there’s a powerful magnet! The sticky surface is protected by a freely rotating flap which also allows you to take photos from any angle!

So, how does the Podo work? Stick it in the place you want and then control it via Bluetooth with a special app on your smartphone. Using live view, frame the photo and take the picture! In a matter of seconds you’ll have the photo in your phone’s gallery! Easy, isn’t it?

Podo comes in various colors and has some awesome features! It’s equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, an 8 megapixel sensor, 720p video recording, an internal memory of 4 GB, an accelerometer, and indicator LEDs that double as a flash. Podo also includes features for GIF creation, time-lapse sequences, double exposure and burst mode!

So, selfie lovers: Podo is the thing for you!