You have a passion for photography and you love you awesome camera you have just bought. There is one issue though. You do not have an elegant camera bag to carry it around everywhere you go. You need something minimalistic, but at the same time practical and easy-access?

CamCarry is exactly what you are looking for. Made of high quality leather, with a simplistic, yet elegant design, each caseĀ is carefully hand crafted. The result? A unique leather case, made of vegetable tanned leather. You can choose the black or the brown version, and you can carry it on your shoulder or around your waist. If it’s not too uncomfortable for you, you can attach it to your wrist thanks to the mini strap.

[adsense300gray]The CamCarry case has a small compartment inside, where you can perfectly fit an extra battery, some earphones or an sd card. Every space available was given a purpose, that is why you can also find elastic bands inside the cap, which will perfectly hold cables.

CamCarry fits perfectly with any outfit, whether it is casual or elegant and nobody will even know that you are holding you camera inside. Most camera bags look so generic. Why not start a new trend with this stylish, handmade, leather case?