[adsense300gray]Everybody loves taking photos. At least, everybody that I know. You simply can’t keep for yourself the amazing photos you took at the beach, while the sun was about to set, or the funny way your cat sleeps, the delicious looking cake you’re just about to eat and all those moments that make our pretty lives go round and deserve to be immortalized, shared and remembered.

Taking pictures reaches a new level with theQ camera, which is a new star in the world of photography, as it’s more than just a regular camera. This baby not only takes some quality photos, it also automatically uploads them on the Internet, to be more specific, in theQ LAB, your personal space for keeping all of your photos, away and totally secure from sneaky eyes. Your pictures are kept safe here and have lots of fun, as you can also apply filters, make them prettier and show them off on your social networks.

The most important feature offered by theQ camera is that it spares you of plugging your camera in your computer, downloading the pictures, uploading them, you know the drill.
You don’t need to do that ever again, theQ camera has everything taken care of. It holds support for 3G, has a friendly interface, has two buttons, one with flash, the other without. It’s also shock and water resistant, so there’s really nothing more than you can ask for from this good looking, smart, friendly, tough and innovative device.

theq camera
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