[adsense300gray]Every now and then, I see people using their DSLR’s in the weirdest places but with MaxStone’s gadget, you will be able to add the cool factor into play. What this pebble like device is doing is letting you control your DSLR by remote using a tiny gadget and a dedicated app, which connects via Bluetooth to your smart cam. Oh, and of course, turning your iPhone into a wireless remote , allowing you to control the shutter with it, from distance. Cool, huh? It works with basically all types of cameras, like Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Minolta, Samsung , you name it. With MaxStone, you don’t have to be behind the camera anymore, in order to have full control over the shutter. The gizmo allows you to choose from five shutter interval modes, from instant shutter to ten seconds. Another cool feature of the MaxStone is that it lets you create high quality time lapses, via your iPhone, using the dedicate app of course. It also works as a guard for your expensive camera, because it warns you when you exceed a certain distance limit from your precious. The gizmo works the other way around, allowing you to control your iPhone with your DSLR.

maxstone 1

maxstone 3