[adsense300gray]Professional photographers and also amateur ones, you’ll be quite intrigued by the following brilliant device, a nice piece of work which features a technology that makes it able to harness the full power of the light field. I present you with Lytro Illum, the first high-end camera which is able to do so, as it captures the colors, brightness and directions of the ray of light and offers its owner the possibility to adjust the depth of field, perspective, focus or tilt after the picture is taken.

The camera features a 40 megaray light field sensor, a wide f/2.0aperture, 8x optical zoom and an advanced shutter which is extra-fast and is able to freeze motion in a lot of situations. The innovative software not only enables you to adjust your photos, but it also allows you to build animations, view pictures in 3D and export them in popular formats for sharing them. The camera will be available for sale on the 15th of July and its price will be around $1599.


lytro 2 


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