Topo X Woolrich Collection

When a traditional high-quality material meets a popular ‘classic’ design, it often resides in ‘box office’ hit of the fashion industry, leaving us inappellable empty-handed or empty ‘walleted’. Merging for the second time with the iconic Woolrich brand, the oldest manufacturer of outdoor wear in the USA, Topo Designs, a much more functional oriented label of bags, expertly crafted a line of three high-quality woolen products: Rover Pack, Duffel and Accessory Bag. Though temporary, the collaboration gifted us with long lasting practical and … continue reading

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Floating Sauna Houseboat

I know you have a hard time placing the steamy experience of saunas apart from a spa or a resort. But when your Finnish host invites you to sauna, you should know this is the casual way to introduce you into the Finnish culture. As long as the ‘land of a thousand lakes’ has crossed saunas with its national culture, why not create a vessel especially equipped with a room that can reach a temperature as high as 90 degrees Celsius to sail … continue reading

Arctic Trucks Experience. With You Behind The Wheel

arctic 600x250 Arctic Trucks Experience. With You Behind The Wheel

“Winter is coming”, says a fairly well-known character. And it comes with goodies, we might add up. Maybe this year you want to get out of the ordinary skiing routine and do some “not so common” things. Well, if you feel this way, we can advise you to adventure yourself past The Wall into the icy, snowy Iceland (yes, the scenes featuring The Night’s Watch and the Wildlings have been shot in Iceland). You may experience this dreamy, remote land of the vikings, and “choose the path were no one goes”, as the famous song says, in a cool way, that is in some 4 wheel drive Toyotas.

Bluesmart. A Truly Smart Luggage

Mishandled suitcases during your flight, the I-definitely-forgot-to-lock-it feeling when you travel, leaving home one of your favorite travel items because you can’t predict whether you over packed and your suitcase is way too heavy? Need I remind you the forever ‘low battery’ advertisement on your display? These usual travelling shortcomings are about change! Since it hasn’t been made any ‘tactile’ improvement in the luggage industry for decades … continue reading

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HP Sprout. A Bold And Weird New PC

Push aside your preconceived notions about the creative process. Apparently, you need a canvas or a pencil but, in fact, all you need is your hands. Optimized for artists or designers, HP’s new Sprout is the first of its kind, the ‘Blended Reality’ machines, brought to us while defying computing traditions.The basic principle of Sprout is to be used with your fingers, to innovate the basic principles of graphic work. It’s meant to do so while blending physical and digital reality. Perceived as … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #83

Friday inspiration 83 Friday Inspiration #83

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

NikeiD Pendleton Collection

Although Nike has grown into a major international mogul of the fashion industry, the roots of creating sneakers started in Oregon, where Pendleton is located.  The collection uses autumnal tartans made ​​from 100% virgin wool, available in three patterns, one plaid, and four solid-color wool fabrics, 10 leathers and an array of accent color for the following models: Nike Roshe Low and Mid, Nike SB Janoski Low and Mid, Nike Air Force 1 High and Low, and the Air Max 1 Low and Mid. Pendleton … continue reading

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Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina

Concepts, limited editions cars, individual models, these are what car fans come to see at auto hows. For example the Ferrari Sergio by Pininfarina was one of the main attractions at Geneva Motor Show 2013, leaving car enthusiasts breathless with its slick and beautiful design. Sergio Pininfarina, who died in 2012, was one of Italy’s most important and most prolific automotive designer known for designing the elegant bodies of some of the most popular cars ever made by Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Masserati. … continue reading